Amazing Kefalonia beaches

Thermanti beach, Kefaonia, Greece

The Thermanti Beach is a secluded, picturesque beach in the town of Spartia.

Canoe fans like to rest here and admire the landscape. A steep path leads to the coast and it is not possible to get there by car. The beach is not equipped.
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Spartia beach (Klimatsias)

Perfect for kids: this lagoon will please with clear, warm water. There are no sun loungers and parasols, as a rule.

After bathing, you can rinse sea water under a shower on the shore.
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Platis Gialos

Magnificent sandy beaches, smoothly flowing one into the other. Have the status of a Blue Flag. Located in the town of Lassi.
On the beaches, there are taverns, showers, center of water activities, sun loungers, and sunshades. Ideal for families with small children.
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Trapezaki beach

This beach is the end of a long sandy coastline originating in Lourdate. Shallow water is quite suitable for families with kids. In the coastal tavern, you can spend time tasting local dishes and admiring views of the Ionian Sea.
There is a shower on the beach, but no umbrellas and sunbeds.
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Kounopetra beach

Cozy beach with soft, brown-red sand. Ideal for families with small children. Kids with a pleasure would play in the shallow, warm waters of the Ionian Sea.
On the beach there are umbrellas and sun beds.
Above the beach you will find a tavern where you can enjoy local dishes.
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