Last year, we ventured to get to Kefalonia by car. The starting point is Klaipeda, Lithuania. Range - 2800 km. We were driving about 800 km a day without any strain. Three nights in hotels, which were chosen according to the principle of "cheap apartment or studio". For us, it was important to have a kitchen in the room. Totally, the cost of the road to the island and back was 2800 Lt (about euro), including hotels, fare, diesel etc.   So, our route was as follows:
1 ) Klaipeda - (A1/E85, A5/E67) - Kaunas - (DK 19) - August - Bialystok - Lublin - Rzeszow. In Rzeszow, we can recommend the Hotel Hetman – a very minimalist one with a tiny kitchenette and modest breakfast, 160 PLN per day.

Kefalonia can be reached by plane from many cities in Europe by low-cost, "low fare" airlines Ryanair or easyJet. For example, a ticket for the flight Milan-Kefalonia-Milan with hand luggage and 20 kg of baggage cost 186 euros for both of us.

We travelled to Athens by plane. There are direct flights from the Baltic region, Moscow, and St. Petersburg as well. From Athens to Kefalonia, there are several routes, the most appropriate of which are given below.

If you decide to rent a car at the airport in Athens, you can safely go to Kyllini straight by ferry, which run frequently. Tickets can be purchased directly before sailing in the port. The schedule can be checked here .
The cost of the ferry ticket for a car with a driver and a passenger is about 60 euros.
It does not make much sense to order tickets in advance: once we were taking a ferry before Easter and the Assumption, which are respected days on the island and many Greeks rush to Kefalonia on these days, and that was not a problem to get on a ferry.

Flights from Athens to Kefalonia are offered by Olympic airlines and Aegean airlines (not regular). A ticket costs about 100 euros.

Right from the parking lot near the exit number 5 of the Athens airport, local buses (No. H93) depart every 35 minutes to the Athens bus station Kifisos Intercity Bus (otherwise "KTEL") Station. The ticket price is 2.90 euros.

In about an hour, you will safely get to this station, where you will change a bus leaving to Kefalonia (Cephalonia) from Terminal A. Approach any bus driver and say the word "Kefalonia " - you will be directed to a small office where you can buy tickets for the bus to the island. The bus takes you to Killini to the ferry, where you will go to the passenger room and in 1,5 hour get back on the bus again in the Kefalonian port Poros. 
The cost of the trip will last for about 6 hours and will cost about 45 euros per person.
The ferry line Patras - Sami (Kefalonia) - Ithaca was opened again by Ionian Group. The schedcule can be checked here.
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