Klaipeda - Kefalonia by car

Last year, we ventured to get to Kefalonia by car. The starting point is Klaipeda, Lithuania. Range - 2800 km. We were driving about 800 km a day without any strain. Three nights in hotels, which were chosen according to the principle of "cheap apartment or studio". For us, it was important to have a kitchen in the room. Totally, the cost of the road to the island and back was 2800 Lt (about euro), including hotels, fare, diesel etc.   So, our route was as follows:
1 ) Klaipeda - (A1/E85, A5/E67) - Kaunas - (DK 19) - August - Bialystok - Lublin - Rzeszow. In Rzeszow, we can recommend the Hotel Hetman – a very minimalist one with a tiny kitchenette and modest breakfast, 160 PLN per day.
2) Rzeszow (E371) - Cosic – (M30) - Budapest - at the roundabout to the E75/M5 - New Garden - Belgrad.
In Belgrade, we spent the night in the Residence Apartments - the best advice! We booked a room at the price of EUR 40 per night and got a de luxe at this money. Elegant rest.
3 ) Belgrade - Nish - (E75) - Thessaloniki ring - (E75/E90) - Verya - Kozani - Ioannina.
We chose the Hotel in Ioannina - inexpensive and relatively modest - Zisis Rooms. This hotel cost us 33 euros per day.
If you have time, be sure to linger in the town, enjoy the lake, and the surrounding beauty!
4) The fourth and final day of our journey supposed to go further via Preveza, through the tunnel to Lefkas and than to Vasiliki, from where a ferry departs to Kefalonia. On our trip, we did so and in the evening we arrived in Lourdata, to our favourite Eagle`s Nest!
If you are not limited by time, we would recommend staying a couple of days in Parga. A very remarkable place - a cozy and small one with gorgeous beaches, a fascinating view from the height of the majestic forts, narrow streets, and charismatic coffee shops! Villa Katarina is a quite suitable shelter for a short time for non-demanding tourists.