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You can not decide where to relax, to spend your summer holidays, which places to visit in Greece? The island of Kefalonia is a perfect choice! Our site offering holidays in Greece is sharing holiday reviews and opinions of happy tourists who visited this wonderful place: their feedback will help you decide and make the right choice!
Kefalonia reviews Kefalonia reviews
Take a look at the portfolio page, where we have placed photos as courtesy of our guests. Note the name of each series of images – they were given by the guests themselves! These short sentences reflect so many emotions and positive unforgettable impressions of the days spent during their Greek holidays on Kefalonia. We hope that after visiting this Ionian island you will take your time to leave comments on our site enriching it with wonderful memories of your Greek travel.
In the gallery, you will find pictures taken by us and our tourists: we are sure that such a photo tour with guest reviews will provide an opportunity to plunge into the unique atmosphere of bliss, warmth, and happiness, which embraces our friends in Kefalonia.
This Ionian island, amazingly beautiful and obscenely friendly in terms of environment, is able to conquer even the most experienced traveler, who has seen many countries and continents. It is simply created for a perfect holiday! Here, you will find numerous beaches, lagoons with azure water, submerged islands, caves, underground lakes, and mountain peaks. Giant turtles Caretta Caretta choose a long sandy coast of Kefalonia for breeding. It is possible to admire these beauties on the waterfront of Argostoli: these playful creatures frolic near the fishing boats moored to the pier.
In monasteries and temples, the travelers seeking spiritual repose will be able to touch the holy places, participate in the sacraments, and pray in silence.
We are sincerely grateful to all those who not only took advantage of our services, but also to left their reviews about the fantastic days spent on Kefalonia. Your stories, experiences are no doubt interesting and important to us and those, who plan to spend their vacations on the island. They will be a good guiding tool for the island holidays full of exciting adventures when travelling to Greece!