Magnificent Parga

The asphalt ribbon of road winds its way down the mountain to the warm Ionian Sea opening to the travellers, after another round, a view that invariably causes cheers - fabulous miniature Parga. It is impossible to resist stopping at the roadside to enjoy this picture trying to capture at least a part of the coast resembling a piece of paradise.
A tiny island of Panagia in a turquoise blue lagoon, multi-coloured houses flowing down to it in a cascade, and proud white yacht masts.
At the entrance to the town, the illusion of a fairy tale tends to disappear carried away by the restless crowds of tourists and scurrying cars in search of a vacant parking space. However, getting to the waterfront, you forget about everything except the burning desire to immediately plunge into the gentle azure clear waters of the Kryoneri beach. If you are a good swimmer, you probably will pull to the island with a church in the middle, and this will be your first little adventure in inimitable Parga full of surprises!
Leaving your luggage in one of the many hotels, go taste the local delicacies in any of the coastal restaurants nestled on the embankment or a little higher up the slope, where the whole lagoon can be seen. Do not rush to dinner, give yourself time to enjoy not only food, but also the opening panorama of sunlit Parga.
However, you will probably resist for a long and will go exploring the surrounding area: wherever you go, you will find the charm! Behind the rock ledge, to the left of the center of the lagoon there is a miniature, intricately decorated beach with pebbles, called Piso Kryoneri. On the other side of the lagoon, there is the Valtos beach - a long line of wonderful, golden sandy coast, which promises a whole range of water sports. It can be reached by water taxi, which departs from the central pier, but it is much more pleasant to walk. Delve into the narrow streets of the town, close to the castle, and climb up to the pass. Oh, these street mazes with many shops, workshops, and little boutiques - it is truly a storehouse of folk talents! Merchants will give lush southern imagination trying to attract tourists to their goods.
If you are not tired, turn left in the direction of the Venetian fortress and climb to the top of the hill, on which this ancient structure stands majesticaly. Your photos will be supplemented with beautiful pictures of Parga made from a bird`s flight.
On the way to the fortress, you will come across a lot of charming cafes and bars, where you can sit with a glass of wine looking at the azure harbour. It is incredibly romantic in the evening here, therefore, we recommend to take note of the most lovely of the establishments for later dates under the moonlight.
So, you have finally made it to a nearby beach bearing the name of Valtos. Choose entertainment to suit every taste and enjoy! Tired of water attractions, you can relax in the seaside taverns, bars or restaurants located along the beach.
The day will fly by and you will fall asleep in your cozy hotel smiling serenely, making plans for the next day, and looking forward to new adventures!
Believe me, you have a great choice! Numerous offices will offer cruises to the nearby islands and beaches, Fish Spa ("fish peeling"), bus tours along the trails of Odysseus, trip to Meteora, cruises to the Ionian islands and even in Albania. Go for it!
Whatever you choose being in Parga - active beach vacation, tours and trips in the surrounding area, sunbathing on the beach, reading your favorite book in a hammock in the quiet flower garden - this glorious town will leave pleasant memories in your heart for many months or even years!
In the meantime, enjoy a live view of the main beach of the town.