Kefalonia news: information about important events, COVID-19 situation in Kefalonia

We are pleased to announce that in December 2020, no cases of COVID-19 coronavirus were reported in Kefalonia. Only today, the press reported that 2 tests for coronavirus were positive.
Greece is preparing for vaccination, medical staff is being trained. It is not yet known when the residents of Kefalonia will be vaccinated, but the relevant specialists are also being trained.
In November 2020, in Kefalonia, 46 tests for the COVID-19 coronavirus gave positive result, according to local press reports. Of this number, 4 people were treated at a local hospital. The rest were asymptomatic or with mild symptoms and spent the required time in quarantine.
In Kefalonia, 2 more citizens are reported to have tested positive for coronavirus COVID-19. In total, 35 positive results were obtained in November. There are still 4 people undergoing treatment at a local hospital, the rest are on self-isolation.
The local media sources report that since the beginning of November this year, only 33 Kefalonians have been tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus. Four of them are being treated at a local hospital.
The special services disinfect the streets of the Kefalonia island capital Argostoli.
The local press informed, that yesterday and today three positive coronavirus COVID-19 test results were recorded. Meantime, total quantity of active cases in Kefalonia is 11.
According to the information published by local press, all cases are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms.
Today, November 11, 2020, four positive coronavirus COVID-19 test results were reported. Thus, totally there are 8 active cases in Kefalonia.
According to the local press, all cases are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms.

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