Kefalonia news: information about important events, COVID-19 situation in Kefalonia

Greece introduces lockdown from November 7, 2020 for 3 weeks. Despite the fact that NO new cases of COVID-19 coronavirus have been detected in Kefalonia, and only 20 positive coronavirus test results have been detected since the beginning of the pandemic, the same procedure of quarantine will apply in the island.
Mandatory wearing of a mask is introduced both indoors and outdoors.
Kindergartens, elementary schools and special schools at all levels are open, and distance learning will be applied for middle and high school this time.
There will be restrictions on the movement of citizens.
Movements at work, if necessary, are carried out only with the appropriate certificate from the employer, which is issued through the Ergani Information System. Legal entities are issued a certificate by their legal representative, and self-employed and freelancers - by themselves.
When transferring students to and from school, the school principal issues a corresponding certificate.
Forms and detailed instructions are available at forma.gov.gr.
Movement based on sending SMS to 13033
Relocations are allowed only by sending an SMS to 13033 or filling out a special transfer form available on forma.gov.gr, or a written certificate (in accordance with the sample) only for the following reasons:
Travel for health reasons (visit to a pharmacy, doctor, hospital or clinic, if recommended after contact). In this case, an SMS with code 1 is sent.
A trip to a household goods store: in this case, SMS code 2 is used.
Visiting the state institutions for urgent needs, or a bank, if an electronic or telephone service is not possible, is allowed only by appointment, about which the citizen is notified in writing or electronic form. SMS uses code 3.
Helping those in need, as well as transferring a spouse or first-degree relative to and from work, if necessary, or accompanying a student to school by a parent or guardian. In these cases (providing assistance, transferring a spouse or relative to work and accompanying a student), SMS with code 4 is sent.
Attending a funeral under the conditions prescribed by law, or visiting parents who are in a condition that is necessary to ensure communication between parents and children, in accordance with applicable regulations. In these cases, SMS code 5 is used.
Exercise outdoors or walking with a pet, individually or in pairs of two (2) people, is acceptable, provided that the required distance of one and a half (1.5) meters is observed in the latter case. Movement for the purpose of feeding stray animals is allowed provided that the transition occurs within the municipality at the place of residence of the citizen. In these cases, SMS code 6 is used.
Also, from Monday, those wishing to enter the country must pass a negative PCR result. It is also mandatory to fill out the PLF form. More details can be found here.
In addition, travel between prefectures is not permitted except for the 4 reasons mentioned. Returning to your place of residence requires a copy of your tax return or E1 Certificate of Residence Special Use, obtained from www.aade.gr.
In Kefalonia, there have been no recent cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus), and only 20 people have tested positive since the beginning of the pandemic.
However, as of November 3, 2020, the following rules apply.
- compulsory in all rooms and outdoors.
- Restriction of movement * from 00:00 to 05:00
* Except for travel for work and for emergency reasons (for health reasons - visits to hospitals and night pharmacies)
Sports (games, training)
- Trainings and matches without spectators
- Reduced to 75% of the maximum number of athletes per object
- Instructions and health protocols for training and competition.
Visiting archaeological sites, Museums Archaeological sites, open-air museums
- Distance 1.5 meters.
Indoor museums
- Distance between visitors 2 meters
- 1 person per 15 sq.m.
Group tours: up to 10 people
- Mandatory use of masks by staff while waiting in the gym and in all public areas of the gym, as well as during group exercises.
- An exception has been made for individual exercises (e.g. treadmill, dumbbells): the mask can be omitted if the distance of 2 m is observed
- 1 person per 10 sq.m.
Grocery stores (supermarkets, convenience stores, bakeries, butchers, fish stores, etc.)
- 1 person per 10 sq.m. (4 people 20-100 sqm and 1 person for every 10 sqm additionally)
- Special disinfection of wheeled and other wheelbarrows / baskets
Nightclubs, including banquets, bars (tables only)
- Mandatory use of a mask by staff, as well as by the public while waiting (but not for those sitting at tables or bars)
- Only sitting
- 6 people at the table
- Venues with a capacity of more than 300 people: 50% of the capacity, maximum 300 seats.
- Venues for up to 300 people: 50% capacity, maximum 150 seats.
- Distance between tables 1.8 m
- Closed from 23:30 to 05:00 / total ban on live music.
Indoor film screenings
- Occupancy 50%
- Mandatory issuance of an electronic ticket.
Hairdressers, personal hygiene services, etc.
- Measures to limit the territory
- Avoid waiting
- By appointment only
Popular Markets
- 65% of sellers, with a distance between the shops 3 meters
- Area limitation
- 1 person per 10 sq.m. (4 people 20-100 sq.m and 1 person for every 10 sq.m additionally)
Transport (Numerical / quantitative travel restrictions relate to place / point of departure or inland traffic)
- 65% on public transport
- 65% on ships
- Up to 3 passengers in a taxi
Playgrounds (indoor)
- 1 child per 5 sq.m. up to 50 children
- Mandatory use of a mask (> 4 years old)
- 1 accompanying person per child
- Compliance with the distances in the table-seats and the rules of hygiene.
Concert Halls, Theater Shows, Other Indoor Performing Arts (Seated Only)
- Occupancy 50%
- Mandatory issuance of an electronic ticket.
As reported by the local press, one more person was tested positively for COVID-19 coronavirus. Thus, since the beginning of the epidemic, totally 20 persons were tested positively. All had non or light symptoms. Everyone spent the required time in self-isolation.
Kefalonia hurricane Ianos
On Thursday and Friday, September 17 and 18, 2020, Kefalonia found itself at the epicenter of the strongest cyclone the island has ever seen. The storm was named Ianos.
The hurricane wind caused serious damage to roads, buildings, property. Many areas were left and still are without water and electricity.
Assos, Fiskardo, Sami, Karavamilos suffered the most. Huge damage was caused by mudflows from the mountains, where mud and stones ruined embankments, crashed cars, destroyed roads.
The restoration work began immediately, with equipment and labor from the mainland.
Nevertheless, the disaster practically did not affect some regions. These include, for example, Lourdata, Spartia where the consequences are almost imperceptible. Therefore, if you are planning a trip in the near future, we advise you to choose this town.
Below are some of the apartments, studios and villas in Lourdata, Spartia and nearby, ready to accommodate guests in September and October 2020:
Kefalonia hurricane Ianos.  Lourdata is NOT damagedKefalonia hurricane Ianos.  Lourdata is NOT damagedKefalonia hurricane Ianos.  Lourdata is NOT damaged    

Kefalonia hurricane Ianos.  Lourdata is NOT damagedKefalonia hurricane Ianos.  Lourdata is NOT damagedKefalonia hurricane Ianos.  Lourdata is NOT damaged    

Kefalonia hurricane Ianos.  Lourdata is NOT damagedKefalonia hurricane Ianos.  Lourdata is NOT damagedKefalonia hurricane Ianos.  Lourdata is NOT damaged    

We strongly advise you to inquire about how damaged the region is before booking a hotel.
Write to us, we will be happy to provide you with any information about Kefalonia.
To keep abreast of the main events that can affect the quality of your holiday on the island, we advise you to periodically check at our news page.
Kefalonia found itself practically at the epicenter of the strongest cyclone, which was named Ianos. On Friday 18 September 2020, island residents and guests are strongly advised to refrain from traveling and walking, either on foot or by car.
Unfortunately, the road to the charismatic Koroni Beach is closed. It is not clear yet whether the passage will be allowed and when.

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