Kefalonia: restrictions and measures in connection with the coronavirus COVID-19

In Kefalonia, there have been no recent cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus), and only 20 people have tested positive since the beginning of the pandemic.
However, as of November 3, 2020, the following rules apply.
- compulsory in all rooms and outdoors.
- Restriction of movement * from 00:00 to 05:00
* Except for travel for work and for emergency reasons (for health reasons - visits to hospitals and night pharmacies)
Sports (games, training)
- Trainings and matches without spectators
- Reduced to 75% of the maximum number of athletes per object
- Instructions and health protocols for training and competition.
Visiting archaeological sites, Museums Archaeological sites, open-air museums
- Distance 1.5 meters.
Indoor museums
- Distance between visitors 2 meters
- 1 person per 15 sq.m.
Group tours: up to 10 people
- Mandatory use of masks by staff while waiting in the gym and in all public areas of the gym, as well as during group exercises.
- An exception has been made for individual exercises (e.g. treadmill, dumbbells): the mask can be omitted if the distance of 2 m is observed
- 1 person per 10 sq.m.
Grocery stores (supermarkets, convenience stores, bakeries, butchers, fish stores, etc.)
- 1 person per 10 sq.m. (4 people 20-100 sqm and 1 person for every 10 sqm additionally)
- Special disinfection of wheeled and other wheelbarrows / baskets
Nightclubs, including banquets, bars (tables only)
- Mandatory use of a mask by staff, as well as by the public while waiting (but not for those sitting at tables or bars)
- Only sitting
- 6 people at the table
- Venues with a capacity of more than 300 people: 50% of the capacity, maximum 300 seats.
- Venues for up to 300 people: 50% capacity, maximum 150 seats.
- Distance between tables 1.8 m
- Closed from 23:30 to 05:00 / total ban on live music.
Indoor film screenings
- Occupancy 50%
- Mandatory issuance of an electronic ticket.
Hairdressers, personal hygiene services, etc.
- Measures to limit the territory
- Avoid waiting
- By appointment only
Popular Markets
- 65% of sellers, with a distance between the shops 3 meters
- Area limitation
- 1 person per 10 sq.m. (4 people 20-100 sq.m and 1 person for every 10 sq.m additionally)
Transport (Numerical / quantitative travel restrictions relate to place / point of departure or inland traffic)
- 65% on public transport
- 65% on ships
- Up to 3 passengers in a taxi
Playgrounds (indoor)
- 1 child per 5 sq.m. up to 50 children
- Mandatory use of a mask (> 4 years old)
- 1 accompanying person per child
- Compliance with the distances in the table-seats and the rules of hygiene.
Concert Halls, Theater Shows, Other Indoor Performing Arts (Seated Only)
- Occupancy 50%
- Mandatory issuance of an electronic ticket.