Kefalonia travel guide: attractions, places to visit

The island of Kefalonia is a storehouse of ecology in every sense - physically and spiritually. For those looking for bodily repose there is clean water of numerous beaches, mountain air of the Enos reserve, and sunbathing under a cloudless sky. For those in search of food for soul - monasteries and temples, shrines and places full of grace. The choice is yours!
One of the most beautiful beaches in the world - Myrtos beach
 Kefalonia beaches: Myrtos beach. Greece vacations.
One of the main attractions of Kefalonia is the world-famous beach of Myrtos. High above the coast, the road sweeping smoothly round high mountains offers a spectacular view of the Ionian Sea and the milky blue lagoon with a dazzling white beach.  Read more...
Melissani lake
Kefalonia places to visit: Melissani lake. Greece vacations.
Not far from the town of Sami, in the village of Karavomylos, you can admire the Melissani underground lake formed by the river running in the island interior. The depth of the lake is more than 30 m. At noon, when the sun enters the cave, the water and walls discolour to amazing ultramarine.  Read more...
National Reserve - the Mount Ainos
Kefalonia places to visit: mountain Ainos. Greece vacations.
From the top of the mighty mountain range, there is a fantastic, breathtaking view of the south-western coast of the island. The national nature reserve of the Mount Ainos features unique black pines, wild horses, and proud eagles sailing through the sky.  Read more...
Drogarati cave
Kefalonia places to visit: Drogarati cave. Greece vacations.
This geological formation with excellent acoustics and gracefully illuminated stalactites and stalagmites is considered one of the most beautiful in Greece and the hall with the size of 65 by 45 metres - the largest cave in the country. Magnificent chamber music concerts have been arranged there  Read more...