Car hire Kefalonia. Kefalonia motobike hire: rent a scooter, motorcycle

So you have decided to spend your vacation on the beautiful Ionian Island of Kefalonia (Cephalonia). No doubt, you will want to explore the entire island, to discover the far corners of Kefalonia, visit the lovely towns, dine at Agia Efimia, and enjoy an evening at Fiscardo, see the underground lake Melissani, and dive into the milky blue waters of Myrtos. For this purpose, we propose to use a rental car and be completely free to move throughout the island.
To rent a car, you will need a valid driving licence of the international standard.
All vehicles are insured in accordance with the standard requirements. The insurance conditions can be found here.
No matter where you want to stay - a company representative will meet you at the airport or seaport or deliver a car to your hotel. In most cases, there is no additional charge, but this point should be clarified by specifying the place of delivery of the car. Car return tan also be agreed - for example, at the airport.
We will be happy to recommend where better to go and what to see, where the roads are good, and where not to drive preferably. And, of course, we will offer you a map of Kefalonia. If you rent a bike, the company will provide you with a helmet. For kids, there are special car seats available.
The car tank is usually filled with fuel by ¾ and you will be asked to return the car with about the same margin. All vehicles are in good condition, perfectly maintained.
Please go to this link to read the indicative prices or place an order:
Car hire Kefalonia,
Kefalonia motorbike hire