Kefalonia: coronavirus COVID-19 cases in Kefalonia in 2022. Vaccination process.

Information according to local press reports.

 January 2022
As in all of Europe, the number of positive coronavirus Covid-19 test results in January 2022 increased compared to previous months, with 27 to 91 cases recorded daily. Fortunately, most people endured the disease very easily. 
 December 2021
The last month of 2021, up to the 28th, was pleasing with a low number of positive test results for coronavirus COVID-19. And only from December 28, the number of positive results increased to 32-57. On the first day of 2022, 71 cases were recorded, and on January 2, only 27.  
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November 2021
The situation with the incidence of coronavirus in the island of Kefalonia in November, 2021 looked as following: from 2 to 18 positive COVID-19 test results were recorded daily. Totally, 9 patients were hospitalized. Nor of them required intubation.
At the end of November, about 75% of the island`s population has been vaccinated. The third dose is being vaccinated.
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