Somewhat 3 km from Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia, there is a cozy resort town of Lassi. Immersed in the green, the town is full of all kinds of hotels, studios, and villas has perched on a giant cliff flocking along soft hills to the warm waters of the Ionian Sea.
This place is coveted by tourists because of its proximity to the beautiful beaches of golden soft sand covering the picturesque coast. The main beaches - Makris Gialos and Platis Gialos - have the status of "Blue Flag" and are well equipped with parasols and sun loungers, showers and, of course, all kinds of entertainment like water bikes, boats for hire, "bananas", and alike.
Snacks or refreshing cold drinks can be served here on the beach in pretty taverns. It should be noted that for families with children these beaches are a perfect place where kids can frolic in the shallow waters. In season, Makris Gialos and Platis Gialos, as you probably guess, are extremely crowded. If you want more secluded relaxation by the sea not far from Lassie, you should choose the beaches of Gradakia or Paliostafida. All the coast offers marvelous views, rocky cliffs, boulders, and soft sand.
The streets of Lassi offer taverns, bars, and restaurants for every taste. Along the road to Argostoli, there are plenty of car rental offices. We can safely recommend Express Car, with which we have a positive experience of cooperation.
The hotels in town are for every taste. Here, you will find secluded villas, a huge hotel, modest studio, and "De luxe" apartments. It is difficult to navigate in such an abundance of accommodations - the reality, alas, sometimes is very different from advertising on sites. That is why on kefalonia-parga.com we place only those hotels that we visited in person and descriptions surely correspond to the reality. The hotels marked with the кув ышпт, are highly recommended by us for the ideal price / performance ratio and/or a special charm that distinguishes this particular hotel. 
In Lassi, there is a small church, inside of which there is a cave where Saint Gerasimos - the patron of the island - used to live many years ago. This is a very small temple located just outside the center of town. On the main road, you will see a signpost giving the direction to the church.
The town can serve as an excellent starting point for exploring the island. The great thing is the proximity to Argostoli.
The price level in Lassi is approaching the top mark on the Kefalonian scale although not offering always the best quality services and products.
Being the lovers of secluded relaxation, we prefer the towns of Kefalonia that are less affected by tourist influx. However, in fairness, it must be said that in Lassi, despite the abundance of tourists and hotels, some hotels offer a completely private atmosphere cut off from prying eyes with lush greenery and trees.The illusion of achieved isolation is truly awesome.
In short, if you like fun, crowded companies, variety of taverns, and entertainment by the sea - Lassi will generously give you all this coupled with chic sandy beaches, clear warm waters, and gentle picturesque coastline of the Ionian Sea.