Kefalonia news: information about important events, COVID-19 situation in Kefalonia

Large sea turtles Caretta Caretta have chosen Kefalonia and the neighboring island of Zakynthos. It seems that tourists do not embarrass these very friendly inhabitants of the Ionian Sea. They are not only happy to pose for visitors of the island at the waterfront of Argostoli, but without much embarrassment arrange egg-laying at night right on the crowded beaches like Lourdas. Caring volunteers - the Greens, enclose the place of egg-laying so that little turtles could once freely leave the temporary shelter and find shelter in the gentle waters of the sea.
  • Caretta Caretta turtles
  • Caretta Caretta turtles
  • Caretta Caretta turtles
  • Caretta Caretta turtles
  • Caretta Caretta turtles
Kefalonia greeted the news of the closure of banks calmly. No rush on Monday was observed. The price of petrol in some places slightly went up - the difference is 0.01 euro.
All local people, with whom we spoke on the upcoming referendum, expressed their intention to vote against the programme proposed by EU as well as a sincere desire to return drachma into circulation. That was the opinion mostly of the owners of studios and villas.
Although the restrictions on bank cards concern only the Greeks, we would recommend when visiting the island still carry a sufficient number of cash for the payment of goods and services - that will help Kefalonians in a difficult time for them.
Winter is slowly sneaking onto the top of the mighty Enos causing problems for drivers and giving fun to kids, who are delighted at this rare opportunity to play in the snow and make a snowman. Dressed in a luxurious white gown, majestic pines and spruces turned into fairy-tale characters hiding their secrets of Christmas in a mysterious fog ...
Зима потихоньку пробирается на вершины могучего Эноса
  ref. http://www.inkefalonia.gr/
One of the most popular beaches of Kefalonia, Platia ammos is still closed to the public. We remind you that this wonderful corner of the coast was affected by the earthquake in 2014. Restoration work is not yet completed.
Kefalonia has celebrated the holidays of Assumption and Saint Gerasimos, the patron saint of the island. Thank God, the snakes appeared in Markopoulos and dry stalks of lilies revealed fresh buds to parishioners ! 

The photos of our pilgrims were publiched in Kefalonian newspapers that have already become a good tradition.

We are pleased to announce that all necessary safety work to drive  to the beach Myrtos were performed as scheduled allowing the authorities to provide access to a popular retreat of kefalonians and guests. 

Visitors can once again enjoy the unique beauty of the grand beach and surrounding region is welcoming the tourists visiting this area. 
Work to restore the main road from Myrtos to Fiskardo is carried on, in consequence of which detours have to be used temporarily.

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