Kefalonia hotels, villas, bungalow Kefalonia. Parga, Ionian islands (Zakynthos) hotels.

We offer Kefalonia hotels, bungalow, apartments, villas and studios to suit any taste.
Please note: width= yellow stars indicate property rating in Kefalonia-Parga system and width= red stars indicate rating given by our guests.
Do you experience difficulties in choosing apartments, villas, and hotels? Contact us and we will find you a perfect option! When choosing a place for a holiday, pay attention to the following:
• Hotels marked with red sign, have our positive recommendation.
• If the hotel does not provide shuttle service and rental cars, we can order these services for you.
• During your stay in Kefalonia, please contact us and we will provide you with all possible assistance.


Lithino Villas

Agia Efimia

Garden Villas

Agia Efimia

Fotini Apartments

Agia Efimia

Paspalis Hotel