Ionian islands cruise: Kefalonia - Meganisi - Lefkada - Kefalonia

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    Day 1.
    Check-in on the yacht at 16.00. Welcome cocktail at the port of Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia.
    Day 2.
    In the morning we need to hurry - before 9.00 go to the western side of Kefalonia, to the most beautiful city of the Ionian Sea - Assos. There are few places near the pier, only 3. It is highly desirable to take one of them, so that later you can walk around the city and the Venetian fortress at any time you want.
    Day 3. 
    In the morning we leave Assos for the most beautiful beach of Kefalonia - Myrtos.
    View of the western side of Kefalonia and Myrtos beach from the Asos fortress
    From Myrtos we will head to about. Meganisi. I must say that after 14 o`clock in the afternoon, there is almost always wind between Kefalonia and Levkada, so let`s go sailing.
    We will stop at Spartochori Bay for the night. Here are the famous Greek taverns, where yachtsmen come from all over the world. And not without reason. The view of the sunset from this bay fascinates me every time. The night is quiet and in the morning you can swim in the mirror water, untouched even by the slight ripples.
    Day 4. 
    We go around the rocky shores of Lefkada and Kefalonia, in the evening we get up in a quiet bay, Poli on the island. Ithaca, near the town of Stavros. We swim in a beautiful bay. In the evening  - a walk to the "Odyssey`s Palace" - a place from where a beautiful view of Lefkada, Meganisi, and the steep coast of Ithaca opens up. Then we return to Stavros, where you can eat goat meat and drink a glass of local wine. 
    On the way, we will go to the free city museum, where you can see both objects related to the archaic period of the history of Ancient Greece, and later finds.  
    Day 5. 
    From the Poli bay, we go to Poros, which is located on the southern tip of the island. Kefalonia. On the way, we swim in wild bays.
    Day 6. 
    In the morning, from the coast of Kefalonia, we go to Zakynthos to swim in the famous bay of Navajo before large tourist ships come there.
    We get up for the night in a bay off the coast of Kefalonia.
    Day 7.
    Transfer to the Marina of Argostoli. Despite the lively metropolitan life, there is still a direct connection with nature and in the port you can see the carriage-carriage turtles that cross the entire Atlantic in order to lay their eggs on the sandy beaches of Zakynthos.
    Day 8.
    Breakfast on the yacht. The end of the cruise until 10.00.
    What`s included in the price: Tour cost - 990 euros per person.
    What`s included in the price:
    - Accommodation on a yacht (accommodation in a double cabin with shower and toilet)
    - Linens
    - Breakfast and lunch on the yacht
    - Crew services (captain, cook, sailor)
    - Engine fuel, water, electricity, gas
    - Port dues, sailing permits, taxes
    - Cleaning the yacht after the cruise
    What is not included in the price:
    - Air travel, visa processing (if applicable) 
    - Medical insurance 
    - Alcoholic drinks on board the yacht
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    Ionian islands cruise: Kefalonia - Meganisi - Lefkada - Kefalonia