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On the highway from the beach of Mitros to Fiscardo, there is a pointer directing to the left, to Assos. However, it is easy to miss this turn as the road takes sharply down. The long, winding serpentine ribbon of asphalt winds down the mountains for a long time getting closer to the coast.
The first thing that comes to your mind when you see Assos - it is a fairy tale! A whimsically curved peninsula is connected to Kefalonia by a narrow isthmus forming a wonderful lagoon. Like in an amphitheatre around it, colourful houses in blue, pink, red, crimson, and yellow climb the nearby hills huddling to one another.
Fluffy pine trees and bright flowering shrubs give magical views to this already quite unreal landscape. Approaching the town, you feel as if suddenly a coach with triple royal horses pops round the corner and the Guards walk through the streets asking the local beauties to try on a crystal shoe.
The peninsula end features high hills, on which a medieval fortress hides away in ancient pines. If you are not lazy and climb to the top, a nice view will compensate all the difficult way and give a gorgeous panoramic view of this beautiful town and its environment.
Numerous yachts arrive here with travellers to admire the scenery, swim, and enjoy the local cuisine. By the way, the water in the lagoon is rather poor: absolutely incredibly azure, it is often quite unclean, unfortunately. The reason for that are shallow waters and careless tourists.
In our opinion, you can spend a couple of days in Assos, take a walk, enjoy unforgettable views, restaurants and taverns, try the local honey, and take wonderful pictures. However, if you want to explore other corners of Kefalonia, it is better to choose a different location as the starting point of your journeys.
Prices in hotels are quite high, which is dictated, obviously, by certain isolation of the town from the rest of the island.
Visiting Assos, without a doubt, is worth it: there is romance, privacy, and identity, and extravaganza of colours, and there is a flare of positive in the air that infects you instantly! So, come and enjoy!