Slacker`s corner

For those, who prefer to spend an „all inclusive“ holiday calmly leaving behind the native town with its smog and traffic jams and forgetting all the problems and concerns, Kefalonia is an ideal place.

In this oasis of natural ecology, enjoying swimming in clear waters of the Ionian Sea, breathing the air saturated with sea salt, trying the local meal made of natural, local-grown, fertiliser-free products, you will feel yourself in a sunny paradise regretting of just one thing – why you have not peeked into this fairy-tale earlier.

But... better late than never, they say! Indulge yourself with the local wine, freshly cooked lamb, tart lamb cheese, and snow-white feta.

A slow walk along the sea cost, swimming in cosy bays, warm evenings in lovely taverns, cruises on yachts or small boats, relaxed riding thoroughbred horses, conciliation of your soul in the coolness of a Greek temple...
Watch the sunset at the quiet lapping of the waves washing the shore and enjoy a splendid sunrise under gentle singing of birds.

Forget about vanity and enjoy the slow-pace island life in a Greek countryside!