Bungalow Kefalonia: lovely 2 bedroom bungalow by picturesque Spartia beach

Kefalonia hotels: 2 bedroom bungalow Kefalonia, 30 m from Spartia beach. Greece vacations.
Spartia, Kefalonia
The 2 bedroom bungalow is located on a well-groomed, green, fenced territory.
This cute detached house offers 2 bedrooms, a glazed veranda, a spacious living room with kitchen, a beautiful external space.
The bungalow can comfortably accommodate up to 5-6 persons.
The Spartia or Klimatsias beach is only about 40 m. Nearby is another, very picturesque beach - Termanti.
The nearest taverns are about 100 m away.
Вилла с 2 спальнями, Spartia, Кефалония
Bungalow Kefalonia