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    Stand Up Paddling Paddle with Caretta Caretta
    Stand Up Paddling St. Theodoro Lighthouse to Gradakia beach
    Stand Up Paddling Avithos beach to Dias Island
    Stand Up Paddling Platis Gialos to White Rocks beach
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    Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Stand Up Paddling, or `SUP` for short is a top water sport where a paddle is used while standing up on a surfboard. SUP has a Hawaiian heritage and translates in Hawaiian to Ku Hoe He`e Nalu: to stand, to paddle, to surf, a wave. Stand Up Paddle Boarding came about as a way for surf instructors to manage their classes of beginner surfers. The higher view point offered by the SUP Style made it easier for the instructors to see what was going on around them and check for incoming swells. The instructors used their regular surf boards and added a single blade paddle.
    The popularity of the modern sport of Stand Up Paddle Surfing also has its origins in the Hawaiian islands. In the early 1960s the `Beach Boys of Waikiki` would paddle out on their long boards with outrigger paddles to take pictures of the tourists learning to surf. The term `Beach Boy Surfing`, another name for SUP Surfing, came from this.
    Rick Thomas is credited as being the first modern surfer to bring Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing to the mainland. In 2000 Rick introduced California to the new sport of SUP Surfing as an alternative way to train while the surf was down. Stand Up Paddling has since become huge in the States as well as Europe. From a competition point of view, SUP Surfers now have their own divisions in many outrigger and paddleboard races.

    Stand Up Paddling

    Private Lesson

    duration 1 hour

    Group Lesson

    duration 1 hour

    We offer:
    Guided SUP tours to our island or remote beaches . One day or multi days tours with the possibility of camping at the nature  or at accommodations upon request. possibility of snorkelingfishing where permitted as well as exploration of caves.

    Guided Tours:
    Paddle with Caretta Caretta
    St. Theodoro Lighthouse to Gradakia beach
    Avithos beach to Dias Island
    Platis Gialos to White Rocks beach

    Rentals SUP equipment
    You can rent our equipment (sup board, paddle and leash) from 1 hour to 7 days for your excursions to our beautiful island with the unique landscapes and amazing beaches.



    To take part to any of our guided tours you have to be able to swim.

    People that do not have experience is not a problem  as they can learn how to Stand Up Paddle and improve their Stand Up Paddle techniques at each collection site.

    The equipment SUP board, paddle, leash is provided from us.

    We can also deliver the equipment to your place (extra charge). 


    Don’t forget to bring:
    - Hat
    - Water – minimum 1,5 litre per person
    - Sunscreen
    - Swimwear
    - Beach Towel
    - Change of clothes
    - sandals or water shoes 
    - SMILE!



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