The island of Kefalonia is full in small, pretty towns situated in picturesque bays and between mountains. Skala, which is located on the southern end of Kefalonia, is one of them. Immersed in spreading pines and flowering shrubs, it is popular among tourists attracting them with an excellent beach, miniature lagoons hidden in the crevices of the rocky shore sites, numerous taverns, and various festivals that the city authorities arrange in the central square by the sea.
The main beach of Skala is a broad and long coastline covered with soft sand mixed with gravel and small stones. At the shore, the sea water is rather deep but incredibly transparent. The beach is well equipped: there are cabanas and a shower and you can rent umbrellas and deck chairs. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the variety of water sports. The yacht "Mythos" is moored at the shore taking on board those wishing to go on an exciting voyage. Concerts held by the city authorities in the central square are a great opportunity to get acquainted with the local culture. Folklore ensembles perform incendiary Greek songs and dance Sirtaki successfully touting the audience to dance.
In Skala, cafes and taverns will suit all tastes. Particularly, we liked the "Mi Abeli", which serves excellent Kleftiko, offers friendly and fast service, and often pampers a gift like a half-liter of wine from the institution or a free dessert. In a chic pine park near the sea, kids can have fun on the playground and adults - play huge chess. In warm, cozy evenings, everyone gathers in the main square of the town. There is always a very pleasant, friendly atmosphere: cheerful music is heard from the nearest cafés along with ringing cheers of frolicking children, which does not prevent travelers from continuing unhurried conversations with new and old friends about everything and nothing.
Before leaving, you suddenly feel that the town became very dear to you - an integral part of your life. And you are making plans on how to get back here again to enjoy the caressing Ionian Sea, cozy summer evenings, and the delightful nature of Kefalonia.