Information about PCR test in Kefalonia: where to perform and how much does the PCR test cost

If you need to perform a PCR test for COVID-19 in Kefalonia, you can contact the laboratories that offer this service.
Depending on the kind of test, the type of test certificate and other factors, the price varies from about 60 to 120 euros.
One of the laboratories in Kefalonia, according to its manager, has all the necessary equipment to get the test result on the spot, in its own laboratory, without samples sending to Athens.
In this laboratory you can take the following tests:
Fit2Fly U.K. - RT-qPCR test - 120 euros;
Fit2Fly EU. Corona RT-PCR test for most European Destinations - 90 euros;
Certified clinical antigen test - 40 euros.
The company also offers discounts for families, testing packages and other related service.
Please note: prices are indicated for the beginning of the summer season 2021 and are subject to change.
You can check the prices by visiting the laboratory website  https://www.kefaloniancoronatestcentre.com/ . There you can also register for a PCR test in Kefalonia or other tests.
Tests can also be taken at https://bioanalysislaboratory.gr/el/ergastirio-argostoliou and other certificated centers.