Miracle Fish in the waters of Kefalonia

The history of coastal fishery in the Ionian Sea has been enriched with an outstanding event: a fox shark of a pretty impressive size (about 4m) was caught in the strait between the islands of Kefalonia and Ithaca. Even the most experienced and weather beaten fishermen’s jaws dropped at the sight of the monster when it was dragged out to the fish market pier in Sami.
For an inquisitive fan of the "Animal planet" TV programme, we give a link to the detailed information about the caught “guest actor”. We would add for ourselves: this shark belongs to clupeids. Its feature is a long tail, with which, as a shepherd herding a bunch, it whips small fish shoals to have more effective goodies afterwards. This species of sharks is in no way dangerous to humans - on the contrary, it runs for the heels when it meets a swimmer on the way.


Photo by www.vlahatasamis.gr