Kefalonia coastline cruise. Fiskardo - Karavamilos.

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    This amazing boat trip will be arranged alongside the south-east coast of Kefalonia. This part of Kefalonia is truly one of its hidden treasures. The landscape is unique!
    The journey from Skala to Fiskardo lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes. We will stay in Fiskardo for about 1 hour and 30 minutes as well.

    A little bit later we will stop for about half an hour in the Ag.Sofias bay. About 20 minutes later we will reach Karavomylos where we will stay for approximately 2 hours. This is enough time to eat but also to visit the Melissani Lake, about 500 m away from our docking point. 

    Finally we will stop at Koutsoupia beach for a swim on our way back, or on Makrya Petra Beach. Around 16:30 we will be back at Skala. Other times, we go first to Karavomylos and then to Fiskardo, but the route and timetables still apply.

    The island of oppositions that captivates you from moment you get here.
    Join us to discover a large part of Kefalonia that you can only know and enjoy by boat. Join us on our journey from beach-to-beach from Skala to Fiskardo, not to show you Fiskardo but to enjoy the magic of nature in all its grandness, along this route. You know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”?
    Well, here it is completely justified!

    A beautiful, picturesque village with a port for fishing boats and yachts, as well as the ferry boats, that connect the island with the mainland.
    Makria Petra Beach or the Blue Lagoon

    Turquoise blue, crystal waters with excellent visibility at any depth. From here on you can experience the wild beauty of the island, exotic one may say. 
    Numerous little secluded beaches, surrounded by green and crystal waters, colorful caves and the green touching the sea.
    The images speak for themselves…
    Its merely nature showing off it’s extreme talent in art!
    It stands there unchanged over the eons to remind us how small technology is compared to natures’ grandiosity.
    Koutsoupia or MINI MYRTOS Beach

    A true gem! Luxurious yachts with celebrities visit and revisit it every year to enjoy this unique part of the earth. 

    Antisamos Beach

    It has its own unique beauty!
    Sometimes during the summer, nightly concerts take place here. It became famous for the film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”. The entire surrounding area has been connected to the movie.  Over there by the trees, they had built the village for the films’ needs. 
    Time goes by so fast… We reach Fiskardo
    Famous, cosmopolitan, distinct celebrity destination for the global jet set. Always packed with luxurious yachts. 
    Admire it!
    Fiskardo is the only village that wasn’t destroyed by the earthquake in 1953. It has kept its traditional color. It is picturesque, simple and beautiful.
    Small alleys, simple traditional houses, flowers and picturesque stores on the waterfront.
    Here having a cup of coffee is something special. And who knows, maybe you sit next to a celebrity. 
    Don’t forget to visit the museum of Natural History!
    And we continue our journey. You leave but always long to come back…
    The scenery is unique. Green mountainsides, small secluded beaches, green touching the sea and every now and then a small boat. The scenery’s wildness makes it even more beautiful. Such a big part of the island without roads, without houses, almost untouched and virgin. This is Kefalonia’s majesty!

    Ag. Sofia Beach

    Time for a swim, dives, and waterslides.
    Gorgotas Beach

    Another beautiful bay. In the background, a dock purposely built for the film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” stands out. Penelope Cruz and Nickolas Cage  dove off this dock, in these waters.

    Ag. Effimia

    A very picturesque village with many taverns and a true island color. It has its own special beauty!
    We are almost at Karavomylos.
    Another enchanting landscape, with a strange and unexplained, geological phenomenon!
    We can see the watermill turning with the help of the water running from the lake to the sea. In the past, in this spot, there was a real watermill the locals used to grind wheat.
    This water entered the sea from land, in Argostoli, at Katavothres, it crossed the island underground and a week later it appears in lake Melissani and from there to Karavomylos bay.
    We will remain here for quite some time, so if you would like you can visit Melissani Lake, just 500m from our docking point, you can eat, have a coffee or just relax and rest. The place is beautiful. A boatride in the lake-cave of Melissani is something everyone should take as well as a bite of traditional food beside the lake, just a few meters from the sea.

    Back to Mini Myrtos Beach.

    Time for a second swim, dives, and waterslides.
    Fortunately, all these beautiful beaches are not accessible from land. But every summer, and especially in August, they’re filled with yachts, boats, speed boats, and sail boats to the extent that we don’t all fit!

    In that case our next swimming option is Makria Petra Beach. Each one has its own beauty and will definitely be unforgettable. 

    Our journey is reaching its end. A journey that excites, you and makes you want to take it again and again!
    *Photos and text by "Captain Vangelis` Special Cruises"
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    Cruise is offered on Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays.
    Children under 3 y.o. – free of charge.

    Children 4-11 y.o. – 25 €.

    Prices are per person and do not include entrance fees to museums, etc.

    The ship is departing straight from the beach of Skala 9.00 o’clock and returning back 16.30.

    Ordering second trip – discount 15%.


    Skala, Kefalonia, Greece