Pessada beach

Pessada beach

Charming, tiny, shallow, with soft sand and clear clean water. A stone lined path is leading to a more secluded beach. Popular with families with young children. Interesting for lovers of snorkeling. The beach is wild, with no amenities. At the descending point to the sea, there is a fresh water tap. The nearest tavern and bar - in Pessada.

This utterly charming stretch of coast will certainly bring joy to snorkelling enthusiasts, families with children, and couples in love. The beach is "wild" (see the map), without a shower and sun beds. But it is incredibly cute. It is not difficult to find the beach: follow the signs to Pessada. In the town, move towards the harbour. The last right turn before reaching the pier will lead you to a tiny parking area for about 5-6 cars.
At the tap with fresh water, you will find a ladder that will go down to the small rocky beach. Here, it is also possible to have a good time, the bottom almost immediately at the shore is sandy, the water is clear.
If you decide on a short hike (150-200 m) along the coast right on the carefully laid stone path, then you will not regret it definitely. On the way, you will meet several mini-lagoons, where you can swim and snorkel. The end of the road will be crowned with an awesome sight - a tiny strip of pale sand shimmering with shades of blue, clear water, and a cliff ledge rushing into the sea...

It is a
Pessada treasure hidden from prying eyes. The cliff part overhanging the beach will be a shielding from the scorching sun. Do not forget the mask and flippers: bizarre rock formations at the bottom will bewitch swimmers with unique curves and caves extending deep into the underwater islands.
Right at the beach, there is an attached plate proposing on behalf of the beach sand to leave the shoes before walking down to the lagoon and promising that the coastal sand will take care of your feet. 
Most vacationers heed this request, so, under the sign, there are always many colourful slippers and visitors wander barefoot or in bathing slippers. 

For those who stay at
Lourdata – it is just a few minutes to Pessada - go for it and you will not regret!