Lourdas beach (Lurdas)

Lourdas beach

A long coastline, sand with pebbles, the sea is not very deep near the shore, the water is clear and transparent. The seabed is already a meter away from the shore – it is gentle sand. The beach is well equipped with showers, umbrellas, deck chairs, and a small centre of water sports.
The Lourdas Beach (Lourdas) has a long coastline, which stretches along the lovely town of Lourdata (Lurdata).
The water is clean and transparent, but during storms chalk slurry rises from the bottom and the sea is covered with multi-colour stains - like a canvas under the artist`s hand. Milky-blue spots are replaced by dark blue giving fancy shades to this living canvas.
The neighbouring island of Zakynthos is clearly seen from here while turning your back to the sea you will marvel at the grandeur and beauty of the mountain Ainos towering over the town.
On the beach, there is soft sand with pebbles. The seabed at the shore is sandy in some places and, at other spots, covered with pebbles, but after 1-2 m you will walk on gentle, light sand.
The beach is equipped quite well – you can rent a sun bed and parasol – there is also a shower. A small water entertainment centre will offer you a ride on inflatable wheels, boats, and scooters. Along the promenade, there is a variety of taverns and cafes.
If you are a good swimmer and the weather is calm, you can swim around the cape on the south-east side of the beach. Here, you will find a beautiful wild beach with white sand.
You will experience a wonderful trip, if you decide to go along the sea in the direction of Trapezaki. Going around a small creek used for mooring local boats, you will find yourself on a wild coast full of nooks and lagoons with clean water. However, you must bear in mind that you can get to the top only when you reach the beach of Kanali.
In the tavern near the creek, you will be offered dishes with freshly caught fish.
On the waterfront, you can take the minibus, the route of which is shown here.
Like most beaches of Kefalonia, Lourdas (Lurdas) has received an international award - the Blue Flag, which is given to the beaches of high quality standards.