Agios Thomas beach or St Thomas beach

Agios Thomas

Picturesque, with soft sand and incredibly clear water. It consists of a lagoon and two small shallow beaches separated by a rock. Perfect for families with small children. Underwater boulders and caves will interest amateur snorkeling lovers. There is a dressing cabin and tavern, you can also rent chairs and umbrellas.
The extremely cute and cozy beach of Agios Thomas is perched near the town of Karavados that is on the road from Argostoli to Skala, 10 kilometers from the capital. From the town to the beach, there is a narrow paved road running across the plain, which is quite rare in mountainous Kefalonia. Just before the coast, the plain ends abruptly and you will find yourself in a picturesque cove with yellow sand. 
The car is best to be left in the ample site at the small church just before the descent - the sea is only about a hundred meters away. Near the coast, there is also a parking place, but it is small and always filled with permanently arriving cars.
Agios Thomas (or the beach of St. Thomas) is a great fit for the families with small children and for those who like swims and snorkelling. Diving enthusiasts may be interested in this place, too, - the bay teems underwater islands, caves, and has excellent visibility thanks to the absolutely clear water.
The path from the parking area to the left leads down to the two coves separated by an isthmus. The first beach is small, but picturesque, a narrow strip of soft sand adjacent to the rocky shore. If you are tired of the hot sun, you can take refuge under the palm canopy on a ledge of rock. A trodden path across the isthmus, which rises at the end of the first small beach, will take you to the second beach - more spacious and wide. It offers rental chairs and umbrellas. The beach is quite shallow with a pleasant sandy bottom, the water is incredibly clear, huge boulders scattered around hover fish as well as shellfish huddle.
If you go from the parking area to the right, you will see a stone formation, which goes down into the water, forming a graceful creek, where you can go down the stairs or just dive. It is a home for small fish, which immediately stuck to you from all sides, pinching the skin - a kind of free exfoliation. Vacationers settle down directly on the stone slab, from where rather dashing youth arrange competition in diving, showing the wonders of virtuosity!
We are always happy to spend time at Agios Thomas with scuba mask and flippers, arranging swims along the shore and distant island just rising above the water surface. Typically, the sea is crystal clear, transparent, and very warm – making you wish to soak and splash around, coming ashore only occasionally to refresh yourself with something tasty from the stocks for a picnic or at a local tavern that is located on the shore, on a raised platform. Here you will find and eat lunch and cool refreshing drinks and taste of ice cream or coffee.
Nearby, there is a shower and cabana arranged.
If you are looking for a cosy and warm sea, fabulous nature, and the opportunity to enjoy the underwater world -
Agios Thomas is the only choice, generously giving its wealth to appreciative visitors!