Cities of Kefalonia

Kefalonia is not similar to Crete or Cyprus or any other island resort, which are quite numerous in the Mediterranean, Ionian and Aegean Seas.

Kefalonia is still original, half-wild beauty, freedom-loving, and not wanting to try on the shackles of civilization.
This proud island manages to dissolve the arriving tourists with its unique and indescribable charm so much that even those who came here in search of parties and entertainments very soon relax with a beatific smile and enjoy the surrounding scenery and savouring local wine tasting all kinds of Greek dishes. Usually, they come back next year or the next season, bringing with them relatives, friends and acquaintances.

And yet, if you are a fan of the resort hype and fun, big companies and noisy parties, you have a chance to find it all when you stay at ArgostoliLixouriSkalaLassi and perhaps Fiskardo. These towns offer you several hotelsguaranteeing holiday level "all inclusive".

The remaining villages will provide you with the opportunity to live in a Greek village on the coast, where you will feel the comfort and hospitality of the locals, who sincerely try to make your vacation unforgettable charming. For example, such as Lourdata (Lourdata) – an incredibly nice place with small, neat studios interspersed with little houses of Kefalonians.

Nearby, there are Pessada and Sparta.

Poros and Sami are little larger and more active towns.

In a village of Divarata you can spend a few days to enjoy a grand Myrtos beach.

Assos is absolutely a charming place, but in our opinion, it is better to stay here for a couple of days or stop over for a day travelling around the island. The town is located on a peninsula and the highway passes far above it on the rock. Accordingly, it is difficult to get out of the village. Accommodation is not a cheap one as well.

If you are interested in our opinion: having been in all towns, we prefer Lourdata. We think this is the most comfortable place to spend your holidays in Kefalonia. Here, the weather is better, prices are reasonable and the location is convenient in all respects. The beach is clean, equipped and picturesque. The studios are not located in one place but are scattered throughout the village. There are restaurants, cafes and taverns, pharmacy and bakery, jewellery shop, and food stalls ("supermarkets"). Lourdata stretches like an amphitheatre on the slopes of the Mount Enos (Ainos) along the Bay of Lourdas and Kanali Beach. Slightly above, there is another small village called Vlachata.

As soon as possible, we will try to give a short description of all the coastal villages of the island, so that you yourself could decide what to prefer.