For adventurers

Lovers of outdoor activities may be offered the services of the company, headed by Giorgio Potamianos, a very interesting man, passionate about his work.

The activities of «The Elements of Kefalonia» include alternative, extreme tourism and are approved by the Greek Tourism Organization. Believe me, you will not be bored! Discover the alternative, spirit-capturing beauty of the Ionian Sea – Kefalonia!

The philosophy of George and his companions is to work in the surrounded nature and with it, showing respect for it, protecting it, and not disturbing its harmony; showing how simple components of life, its elements – the earth and water - are intertwined and mixed, and turn into the unique splendour of graceful Kefalonia. Carefully thought-out, interesting tours, to which «The Elements of Kefalonia» cordially invites you, will help to discover the National Park that includes Ainos, the majestic Black Mountain, in which shadow the rich flora and fauna takes refuge. They will let you step into the mysterious world that will no doubt leave in your mind vivid and exciting memories of the island, which is relatively small, but was once called the "umbilical cord of Europe," a modest island, which is fraught with an incredible amount of beautiful places.

Enjoy breathtaking views, discover paradise beaches taking refuge in bays, and let refreshing azure waters of the Ionian Sea wash away all the worries and fatigue. Stretch out on the surface of the gentle waters, watching the infinite, blue sky, lush greenery around, feeling a strange "light" of Kefalonia - this truly poetic corner.

Arrange an escape from civilization on this island rich in tradition, culture, mythology, and legends, ready to share with you its secrets. Familiarize yourself with the pristine, virgin Kefalonia – far from mass tourism and bustle, but just as it is known and seen by Kefalonians.