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    Zakynthos, also known as Zante - the third largest of the Ionian Islands combining a rich cultural heritage and ineffable beauty of nature.

    We will begin our journey by starting from Skala at 9.00. After about 40 minutes, we will arrive at Skinari with the same name beacon, the light of which can be seen in the evenings from Kefalonia. Only 8 miles separate this place from Katelios (Kefalonia).

    We are heading to Navagio, where we plan to be around 10.00. Steep, rocky shores attract the eye and fascinate. On the beach, where we will moor, there is a semi-destroyed ship sunk in the sand. This is a hero of a quite famous story, in which the smugglers had to leave the ship to escape the authorities. The abandoned ship ran aground with a cargo of smuggled cigarettes in 1983. Gradually, it became a local landmark.

    There is no road leading from the land to the beach. It is amazingly beautiful and surrounded by white cliffs towering proudly around. The colour of the waters of the Ionian Sea caressing the sand shimmers from pale azure to blue-green.

    We will stay here for half an hour giving you an opportunity to make colourful pictures.

    At 10:30 our «Niriis» will go to the blue caves that are about 20 minutes away. During the passage, you can see the crumbling walls of the monastery of St. Andrew. The monastery was built about 1100 years ago.

    The unique show that the Blue Caves present, attracts visitors from around the world. They come here sailing on yachts, boats and motorboats to admire the wonderful view. Evolved over the centuries, the caves got their name due to whitish bluish reflections of incredible colour of the water. It`s a great place for diving, snorkelling, and swimming. We only ask our guests to be careful remembering that it is an open sea.

    The next stop is a picturesque village of Alykes, where you can spend 2 hours enjoying the sandy beach, local restaurants, and cafes.

    On the way to Skala, we will have a stopover on one of the many lovely beaches of Kefalonia for refreshing in the magical waters of the Ionian Sea.


    The cruise is organized on Wednesdays.
    Children under 4 travel free of charge.
    Cruise fare for children from 4 to 11 years - 20 €.
    The price of excursions during the cruise as well as entrance fees to museums, etc. is not included in the trip.
    Repeated cruise – with a15% discount.
    Duration of the cruise is from 9.00 to 15.30, departure - from the central beach of Skala.


    Skala, Kefalonia, Greece