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    A legend-island. Welcome to the realm of the hero of the Trojan War - cunning Odysseus.

    The miniature Ithaca impresses you with the wonderful coastline inviting to discover its secluded beaches surrounded by rocky cliffs and hills covered with lush greenery. Perhaps, Filiato and Gidaki are two of the most beautiful of them. You will get a lucky chance to dip into their warm water of incredible shades, frolic on the waterslide. 

    We will show you the island capital - Vathi. In the middle of the harbour, there is a small island with the church of Christ the Savior. It was erected in 1668, destroyed by earthquakes, and then rebuilt. Ithaca’s capital was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake in 1953, but most of Venetian buildings were rebuilt in the original architectural style. The statue of Odysseus surely reminds us of our youth, when we were fascinated by the fabulous adventures of the hero. To wander through the pretty streets of Vathi is a real pleasure. If you wish, you can visit the archaeological and ethnographic museums.

    The next miniature port, which we present to you, is Kioni. Three old windmills will greet us at the entrance to the bay.

    The Kioni village originated in the 16th century and many houses have survived since. An ideal place for a relaxing holiday in the surrounding of beautiful, colourful nature of Greece. In summer, the windless harbour accommodates many yachts from around the world. Charismatic taverns will offer traditional local cuisine including freshly prepared fish.

    We say a farewell to Ithaca at the Cape of St. John. Dramatically skyrocket rocks here are combined with the blue-black sea abyss, where the depth reaches 70 m. Escarpments are slashed with various caves, from where bizarre stalactites peep out. Ubiquitous wild goats fearlessly jump on steep slopes.

    Saturated with the spirit of ancient Greek myths and legends, the fairy Ithaca surely leaves an indelible trail in your memory.


    The cruise is organized on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.
    Children under 4 travel free of charge.
    The cost of the cruise for children from 4 to 11 years - 20 €.
    The price of excursions during the cruise as well as entrance fees to museums, etc. is not included in the trip.
    Repeated cruise – with a 15% discount.
    Duration of the cruise - from 9.00 to 16.30, departure - from the central beach of Skala.


    Skala, Kefalonia, Greece