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    Would you like to spend a wonderful day at sea? Taste delicious lobsters? Admire the picturesque beaches of the beautiful Kefalonia? Then, go fishing!
    Come to a small port of Agia Pelagia by 7.30 am: this is where your adventure begins. It does not matter if you are without a car: contact us and we will arrange a transfer.
    So, welcome aboard a nice fishing boat! A hospitable hostess will meet you not only with a smile and open arms: while the ship is moving to the place where the captain at night threw the nets, she will treat you with fresh homemade cakes as well as aromatic tea or coffee.
    And then - time to get the network! You have to see firsthand how generous the Ionian Sea can be giving you its wealth - the dinner will be amazing!
    The mistress and her husband will prepare excellent dishes from seafood for you. In the meantime, you can dive and swim with a mask in the picturesque lagoons of the southwestern coast of Kefalonia.
    Being sober and hungry, you will taste the best lobsters you have ever tried! Coupled with vegetables and clean, fresh air, this will be an unforgettable feast!
    Time in a wonderful, fascinating journey along the coast of Kefalonia flies unnoticed and you regret to suddenly find that the day is coming to an end. Full of magical impressions, tired, but happy, you will return to Agia Pelagia.
    Go on this wonderful cruise and spend an unforgettably beautiful day in the company of wonderful people, enjoying the beauty of the Ionian Sea, the picturesque coast of Kefalonia, its inimitable beaches and lagoons!
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    On board there can be no more than 12 passengers, so we strongly recommend booking the seats well in advance.
    The hosts are very scrupulous in matters of guest safety: in case of the slightest likelihood of unfavourable weather, the tour is cancelled. We will transfer your sea voyage for the near future agreeing the date with you.
    Do not forget to bring along bathing accessories, sun cream, and a good mood!