Boat hire, jet ski hire Kefalonia

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    Agia Efimia
    Цена указана в € за лодку/гидроцикл на указанный ниже период


    The coast of Kefalonia (Cepalonia) is truly mesmerizing with the beauty of the bizarre rugged coastline, pristine beaches with white sand hiding among the rocky ledges, and tiny islands scattered here and there in the coastal waters.
    All this magnificence can be seen only from the sea, because the high steep banks hide their treasures away from prying eyes.
    This problem can be solved by hiring a light motor boat that is easy to handle and that we offer for your service!
    The best way to hire a motor boat is to order it in advance on the day of your choice! It is preferable to book the boat not later than 3 days in advance.
    Treat yourself to an unforgettable experience - fly on the Jet Ski over the obstinate waves, feel the adrenaline rush going into steep turns and drawing intricate patterns on the surface of the water! The Jet Ski will rush you to the breathtaking speed flying up over the blue surface of the water and causing a childish delight.



    - No licence is required to control a motor boat up to 30 hp 
    - a licence is required to control a motor boat of more than 30 hp 
    - to hire a boat, you need to present a passport or ID and specify your mobile phone number
    - a motorboat can be hired from 10.00 to 17.00
    - the duration of the Jet Ski rent at the price indicated above - 15 min.
    - fuel for the boat is not included in the rental price and is payable upon actual quantity consumed