Kefalonia beaches: Alaties beach

Alanties Beach

The crystal clear water of a miniature Alanties Beach, its sandy bottom and play of coastal gentle waves will make you hurry to shake off the excess clothing and rush into the sea - in its welcoming embrace, incredible blue colour, and sweet coolness!
A story about the beaches of Kefalonia (Greece) usually starts with the proud Myrtos of striking majesty. However, we break tradition and introduce you to the miniature beach Alaties, which is so loved by us. To get to this hiding place, you will have to drive from Fiskardo to the village of Maganos and turn right following the sign to Chalikeri.
Be patient - a narrow serpentine winding along the mountainside will require your attention and time, awarding you at the end of the path with a mesmerizing spectacle of almost lunar landscape! After the last turn, the road will lead you to the rocky shore, resembling more the accumulation of whitish stalagmites.
Leaving the car in a small parking lot in the shade of spreading pine trees with unusually long needles and huge cones, you walk down the stone steps to the beach. The crystal clear water, sandy bottom, and gentle lilt of coastal waves will make you hurry to shake off all the excess and rush to the sea, in its friendly embrace - incredible in colour glaze, cool and sweet!
The water in the bay seems a bit oily and the skin after bathing becomes smooth and elastic. After rising to the ledge of a dumpy white-lava (do not forget to take along bathing slippers with rubber soles!), you will marvel at the ethereal beauty that will appear in front of you!
In small cavities, you will be able to take a hot salt bath. Nature-designed bizarre baths can be found at the end of the mountain tail. If the sea is calm, to splash in its waters is a great pleasure! Accumulated sea salt, which is found in considerable amounts here, gleams in numerous hollows. The very name of the beach tunes with the Greek word "salt" - Alati.
Alaties beach - a great place for snorkelling and scuba diving. There are a lot of hidden rocky islands and grottoes. Usually we spend a few hours here swimming and diving, collect salt, have picnic on the terrace under sun-shielding pines. A cute tavern in splendid isolation is nestled adjacent to the site for car parking. If you are too busy to bother with products, you can pop in here. We will not comment on cuisine and service - do not want to impose our views, especially as it is, alas, not positive. This is the rare case when we face a cloudy and gloomy day in sunny Greece so beloved by us.
There is no shower nearby, only WC and washbasin. That is why we always take along a container of fresh water for rinsing before leaving the beach.
We would like to warn the fans of long-distance swims – they should not be too far away from the coast as there is quite a strong current around the beach Alaties beach!