The passing September frightened the Brits, who arrived to Kefalonia, with powerful gusts of wind and a storm. Funk quickly passed away: October cherished everyone with the autumn sun and warm breeze and pleased with the incredible blue drawing of the sea! The brave ones tried unsuccessfully to cool off in the troubled waves, agitated during a night storm, which in no way wish to quell and push the unlucky swimmers back to the shore.


DSC_0248DSC_0427The island is slowly becoming empty, ready to have a break until spring after the summer influx of visitors.

There is such a strong wish to share the sense of paradise that Kefalonia evokes with its scenery, blue sea, soft outlines of mountains, reared clouds ...

Something is conveyed by the photo, yet noticeably different from the reality.

But how to describe the sounds or smells?

At first, you hear only occasionally a dull rumble, erupting through the silence, of a motorboat passing somewhere. Then you begin distinguishing between play bells, rattling around the neck of sheep and goats, chirping cicadas, and soothing whisper of waves.

And the smells? A mixture of some herbs, flowers, foliage ...

This is part of something whole, immensely joyful, glorious, soothing, and native called Kefalonia!