“Indian summer” has started on Kefalonia! It`s a great time: the temperature is around 25 degrees and the heat has subsided. The sea water is warm like milk.

Ripe almonds, figs, pomegranates: we always enjoy these gifts of nature, tearing them straight from the trees that grow in abundance throughout the island. Pomegranates, however, are often planted near the houses and hotels. Although, we have seen the abandoned orchards, where we regaled those juicy, sweet fruit. Is it possible to compare the smell of fresh figs, melting in the mouth filling it with a tart sweetness, with the sticky buds covered with a chemical coating (this is the buds, not berry or fruit) that are offered on the supermarket shelves?

Pleasing are the prices in hotels, shops, and taverns: everywhere discounts and sales.

It is nice to look at the faces of guests - everyone has a smile on their faces with a perfectly blissful look as if they are in heaven. Couples - both respectable gray- haired couples and young men with their women – all go for some reason holding hands and smiling happily. No one is in a hurry or spiteful and hustle, everywhere reigns peace and quiet joy. As if you get in a warm ocean of love and gently swinging on its soft, soothing waves.


From somewhere, there come a desire to create: to paint pictures, to write poems and novels, to make something with your own hands, or capture the happy moments and corners of the beautiful nature with your camera, and then come home and have in your sight a piece Kefalonia luminous with joy!