08 11 2013


On November 8, 2013, Venice honoured the representative of the sunny Kefalonia - Giorgio Potamianos, who completed his arduous voyage across the sea off the coast of the city of the doges. The brave man, this "fifth element" of Kefalonia, left the island in a kayak 35 days ago and has done more than 1200 km conquering the marine element and courageously overcoming all the difficulties on the way to Italy.

The traveller has dedicated his mission to the memory of Italian soldiers from the Infantry Division Acqui, who died on the island of Kefalonia from the hands of the German invaders during World War II. This event is also known as Kefalonian massacre and took the place in September 1943, when about 5,000 soldiers were killed. In 2002, a touching film "Captain Corelli`s Mandolin" with Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz starring was shot on Kefalonia and was dedicated to the memory of that terrible tragedy.

The ceremony in the honour of the explorer and his organized campaign "Rowing for Peace" was attended by representatives of the Union of Veterans of the Division Acqui, president of the city council of Venice Roberto Tourette, Consul of Greece, students and teachers of the naval college of the city, representatives of the Kefalonia municipality, and many other grateful and admiring representatives of the two countries separated by the sea.

Giorgio received congratulations, listened to quite a few admiring reviews about his campaign, which has become a significant event not only in sports but also in strengthening the relations between the two countries. In reply, the brave sailor recalled that the Italian soldiers, who died during the terrible events, were about the same age as he is now.