Kefalonia, Greece
It is the capital of the island of Kefalonia and the largest town as well as main port of the island. With its loose nice houses, Argostoli flows down to the shallow lagoon Koutavos, which is part of the Gulf called Argostoli. Mighty eucalyptus trees surround the lagoon as if giant guards.
Kefalonia, Greece
This lovely town is located 3 km from Argostoli, the capital of the island of Kefalonia.
Cozy, lush green Lassi with beautiful beaches, a variety of all sorts of hotels, studios, and villas is perched on a giant cliff, with soft hillssloping to the warm waters of the Ionian Sea.
Lourdata (Lurdata)
Kefalonia, Greece
Locals claim that the name of the town comes from the English word "Lord". In the days, when the island was ruled by Britain, Lourdata became a favourite vacation spot of British aristocracy and lords. Surrounded by greenery, the village has not lost its charm to this day.
Kefalonia, Greece
This cute town is located on the southern end of Kefalonia.
Nestled in the shade of spreading pines and flowering shrubs, Skala is loved by tourists attracting them with an excellent city beach, mini-lagoons hidden in the crevices of the rocky shore sites, numerous taverns, and wonderful holiday held on the central square.